Nat is awesome.

So I’ve been seeing a lot of hate for Tom’s wife over the last few months, and it just sort of hit breaking point. Allow me to rant for a bit.

First of all, you never fucking insult Nat Chaplin around me. I will defend her. She makes Tom happy, and he is proud of her and madly in love, and therefore I support them and her fully and completely.

Okay. Basically, you can NEVER say that you don’t like her because she’s married to Tom. That’s just fucking stupid. Look, just be glad that he’s not married to some other famous person who breaks his heart after a year.

Some people make the argument that she didn’t try to help him with his drug problem. But you have to understand one thing- NO ONE can help someone who has reached that point. If they get better, it’s because they decide to. They aren’t going to listen to their loved ones anymore.

Maybe she was a bit harsh to him at the time. But honestly? It’s understandable. Tom was walking off and not speaking to anyone for days on end, not getting shit done, basically abandoning those around him. He was making it hard for everyone around him, and you would be the same way if the person you were in love with was stressing you out like that. She probably had a breakdown.

Anyways, what does it MATTER? That was six years ago. They’ve had a lot of time to repair their relationship and make things work. Have you SEEN Tom’s smile whenever he’s with her? It’s huge. He loves her, a lot, and that’s all that matters.

In the end, he’s not going to give a FUCK what you think. So why should you care about that side of him? Nat is only a side part to the band. She’s the wife of the vocalist. I don’t see any hate on the other wives.

What I’m saying is, there is no logical reason to hate Nat. And if you do, come at me. Tell me why. Because I would really, honestly like to know why you should even care that much.

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    OK what the FUCK did I miss?
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    A couple months ago I found out that I was in one of those fucking anti-Nat groups. I wrote almost the same as you and...
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    ^This. There even is a Facebook hate group dedicated to her, and it has 60 members. Seriously, what’s wrong with some...
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    maybe it’s true, still quite rude.
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    THIS OH MY GOD with or without Nat, Tom isn’t going to marry you - we all know you hate her because he loves her, not...
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    and it’s none of our business. But Nat, why did you suggested K’naan for a colaboration? WHY?! Lol, just kidding
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    all of this she is so good for tom and they are so lovely together dawwwwww
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    Amen. I used to be jealous, but that’s understandable right? But she is the only person who truly makes him happy like...
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